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Dome of the Agbar Tower Dome of the Agbar Tower

Agbar is a company which has been specialized, for over 140 years, in all the processes linked to water management and, at present, is one of the world’s main experts in this sector. In Spain, the company serves 13 million inhabitants from more than one thousand municipalities and, worldwide, more than 26 million users from several countries, including Chile, the United Kingdom, China, Colombia, Algeria, Cuba and Mexico.

Agbar brings together local brands with a long history, such as Aigües de Barcelona and Sorea (Catalonia), Aguas de Murcia, Emasagra (Granada), Aguas de Alicante, Bristol Water (United Kingdom), Aguas Andinas (Chile) and Jiangsu Water (China), among others.

Agbar moreover owns other brands focused on improving the efficiency and the quality of complete water cycle services.

In this section we offer you a complete list with all the companies which make up Agbar.


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